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You're at the right place at the right time. My name is Michael SenoffHMA Michael Senoff - HMA University and for the last 10 years I’ve been training people from all over the world how to become successful marketing coaches using my Hidden Marketing Assets (HMA) Consultant Training System.  And today I’m inviting you to take the first step towards becoming a consultant for FREE by giving you access to a massive private collection of unique marketing consultant training on this membership website.

I’m going to do everything in my power to help you start your consulting business and land your first paying client for FREE.

All you have to do is join this free membership site and I’ll give you access to highly-specialized, step-by-step private training on how to get your first client. I’m not holding anything back on this website – I’m sharing every trick and secret I’ve learned over the years about getting clients as a marketing consultant. And I’m not alone.

On this site you’ll hear from experts and my HMA consultants who will share the secrets and techniques they use to find and close customers, set their fees, and start a successful consulting coaching business. This is not “junk” content like you may find at some “free” websites. The training and skills you’ll develop using this free content will be valuable to you.

I’ve been told many times I should charge for this training (It took me years to put it all together) but I know that by being of service and supporting you while you get your first paying customers that there’s a much greater chance you’ll take the next step and become either one of my Basic, Advanced or Pro HMA Member.

Of course, there’s no obligation, no commitment on your part. You can join for FREE, listen to the free trainings and build your business without ever sending me a dime. You’ll hear interviews with people who did exactly that – landing their first HMA client and starting their consulting business without ever buying the system.

Join now to get started as a marketing consultant for FREE.

And when I say FREE, I mean it! There’s no charge, no tricks, no gimmicks and no credit card needed. Just enter your name and email in this registration form and you’ll have instant access to hours of my best consulting "Audio Interviews", "Written Transcripts", "Reports", "Sales Scripts", and you'll hear about the powerful sales presentation called the "Opportunity Analysis Worksheet".

Once you create your membership for free you’ll get instant access to:

  • Recorded Phone Calls: Where you’ll hear me land actual paying clients using our proprietary “Opportunity Analysis Worksheet”. Using this no-pressure sales tool you’ll see how easy it is to persuade business owners to write you a check for thousands of dollars.
  • Interviews with HMA Consultants: Where they explain in detail how they landed their first clients - people from all walks of life, with less skill or experience than you possess, have successfully made the transition to full time, high-paid marketing consultant. Listen to how they did it and be inspired to do it for yourself.
  • Downloadable Written Transcripts of the interviews: PDF documents that you can read and highlight for your own study. The “Opportunity Analysis Worksheet” and instructions on how to use it to get clients. This one item alone is worth hundreds of dollars. You’ll hear me use the "Opportunity Analysis Worksheet" on several live calls to get paying jobs, giving you detailed instructions on how to do this for yourself.
  • Weekly Emails: Where we point to you articles and resources on the website. Each week we will email you with a suggestion and encouragement to get out there and find your clients. And you can email me back with questions.

So here's my simple offer:

Let me give you this training for FREE and help you become a marketing consultant. Dive in. Listen to the interviews.  With your free training, your confidence will grow higher and stronger with each lesson your digest.

Take 30 seconds to fill out the "Easy Sign up Form" and immediately satisfy your curiosity about what it takes to become a respected HMA Marketing Consultant.

Go ahead and join now for FREE and I'll see you on the other side.

They say the best things in life are free. Sign up Now! and within just minutes of logging in you'll be pleasantly surprised to see how true that statement is.

To your success,

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