HMA University - Welcome HMA University Member!

Welcome existing and new HMA marketing consultant members to your all new HMA University!

I truly hope you're going to be blown away at what we've put together for you. 

But first, this is important - the only link you're going to need is the top left link that says "HMA University".

This link will lead you to:

  • HMA Basic - Contains all your core and essential HMA Marketing Coaching/Consulting training.
  • HMA Advanced - Advanced training to turbo-charge your coaching and consulting skills.
  • HMA Pro - Pro training to turbo-charge your coaching and consulting skills.
  • New Interviews-These are the most recent HMA Interviews and lessons all in one place.

The free training link to the right is already included with your access.

I've added thousands of dollars in unadvertised content to your HMA University. Don't overlook these links. They are packed with user friendly training that will expand your HMA experience.

Please take the time now - I recommend at least 90 minutes - to explore what you have before you dive in to the audio material.

The value is far more than you can imagine at this time. Don't miss out by not investing the time now to look around. Your feedback is always welcome.

If you have any questions, problems with files or anything else do not hesitate to contact us.

Not a member?? Check our membership options.