HMA University - HMA Pro

HMA Pro is what separates HMA from all other Marketing Consulting Systems.  HMA Pro training puts a gold-mine of specific and specialized training in your lap that you can't get anywhere else.  You can study and use the information from any one of these trainings and build an entire specialty consulting business to work the rest of your consulting days. It is important you take time to review the links in HMA Pro.  HMA Pro includes Basic and Advanced modules.  For a more detailed and specific description of what you get with HMA Pro click here

Rights To Audio Transcripts
Founding Fathers of Client Generation
Art Hamel Business Buying System
Joint Venture Magic
Barter Secrets
Jim Camp Negotiating Training
Rand Brenner IP Licensing
Highest Paid Salesman
Ben Settle Email Writing Secrets
Get Your Product Into Wal-Mart
High Intensity Brain Training
How I Made A Bundle On Craigslist
Emergency Fast Cash Interviews
Guerilla Internet Marketing Audio Series
Internet Marketing 101 Audio Series
Lost Files Of Internet Marketing
Contracts & Agreements Guide
Audio Marketing Secrets
Secret Free Links Of The Internet
NEW TRAiNing Room
World's Greatest Ad Transcripts
USP Magic
Eugene Schwartz Rare Ad Collection
PR & Free Advertising How To Get It
Best Copywriting Interviews
Taylor Swift Referrals Gone Mad Getting System
Advanced Selling Interviews
Claude Hopkins Rare Ads
Worlds Greatest Ad Transcripts
Direct Mail Training
Health Expert Interviews
Advanced Selling Interview
How Senoff Makes $$$ Interview Collection