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 You're invited to spy on others who've taken the road before you.  Ease-drop on how my other HMA Marketing Consultants, many with no formal marketing experience or training, are able to get their first paying clients. 

Each of their stories will help you understand what HMA has to offer you.  And by listening to these adventures, you may discover that the HMA System is right for you.

Alternatively, you may come to the realization that marketing consulting is not a game you want to play currently.  Life is short and you're busy so there's not a reason in the world you should invest a bunch of your time only to discover you're not willing to help businesses discover their marketing assets.

Nor are you interested in getting paid handsomely for this exclusive service. And that's perfectly OK.

Anyway, this is all for you to decide. I've done my very best to provide you the ingredients for you to get your first paying client before you invest in my HMA Marketing Consulting System.

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Reading how past consultants land their first client will help you understand what HMA is all about in a way I'll never be able to describe to you in this letter below.

If you do your homework, you'll find there are several competing marketing consulting opportunities in the marketplace. And I'll be the first to advise you to look into all of them before you invest in any of them, including Richard's HMA System.

I've interviewed countless people who have paid enormous fees to attend these trainings. I have received firsthand feedback on Y2 Marketing, Action International, Quantum, Topline, Peter Sun Consulting, Duck Tape Marketing and other opportunities and many of them are actually pretty good.

But what separates the HMA System from the other ones I've seen is that, with HMA, you don't have to have previous marketing experience, a load of business connections or even a lot of money to get started. In fact, Richard, the founder of the HMA System will be the first person to tell you if he can do can do it.

How can he be so sure? Because when Richard started in the marketing consulting game, he was broke himself, and he had very poor selling, speaking, marketing and presentation skills. And Richard did not have anything like what I've put together for you here. He had to had to fly blind and figure it all out on his own.

For details on how to get started contact Me, Michael Senoff directly by phone or text at 858-692-9461

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