HMA University - Memberships

How to gain access to the HMA Marketing Consulting University:

1) Free HMA University Membership:

Once you create your "Free Membership" you'll get instant access to:

  1. Recorded Phone Calls: Where you'll hear me land actual paying clients using our proprietary "Opportunity Analysis Worksheet". Using this no-pressure sales tool you'll see how easy it is to persuade business owners to write you a check for thousands of dollars.
  2. Interviews with HMA Consultants: Where they explain in detail how they landed their first clients - people from all walks of life, with less skill or experience than you possess, have successfully made the transition to full time, high-paid marketing consultant. Listen to how they did it and be inspired to do it for yourself.
  3. Downloadable Written Transcripts of the interviews: PDF documents that you can read and highlight for your own study. The "Opportunity Analysis Worksheet" and instructions on how to use it to get clients. This one item alone is worth hundreds of dollars. You'll hear me use the "Opportunity Analysis Worksheet" on several live calls to get paying jobs, giving you detailed instructions on how to do this for yourself.
  4. Weekly Training Emails: Where we point you to articles and resources on the website. Each week we will email you with a suggestion and encouragement to get out there and find your clients. And you can email us back with questions.

You can become a Free member and access all our "Free HMA Marketing Consulting Training" once you SIGN UP HERE.


2) Paid HMA University Membership:

Includes unrestricted access to all HMA Marketing Consulting Training Content:

  • HMA Basic: Contains all core HMA Marketing Coaching/Consulting training.
  • HMA Advanced: Done for you marketing tools to help you promote and sell your consulting services.
  • HMA Pro: Pro training to turbo-charge your coaching and consulting skills. Best Value

  • Plus access to all the "Free Membership" content.

If you are ready to get started contact us here.